About us

Fish Percolator is a small software house in Leeds, UK, specialising in bespoke web apps and bureaucracy-cutting solutions.

What we’re about

Fish Percolator is dedicated to making your business more productive and fun. As well as developing our own apps, such as Jelly and Revelry, we offer a number of services from bespoke app development through to consultation about how you can use technology to streamline your business processes.

We like to keep business human, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and lightheartedness, rather than stuffy specifications and gaps in communication.

Rich Daley

Rich Daley

Managing director

I spent 12 years working for large corporations as a software architect and development manager, experiencing first-hand the inefficiency of many business practices. I worked hard to change this, cutting out menial and repetitive tasks and replacing them with processes that emphasized the roles people were hired to do and delegating the red tape to technology.

While in these corporations, I heard too many stories from friends in similar situations. I realized my expertise was only benefiting one business when in fact I could be making businesses everywhere more efficient and more fun.

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The name

The pilot episode of Twin Peaks features an incidental scene with a fish in a percolator.

I’m a huge fan of Twin Peaks. Mark Frost and David Lynch proved that you can take something as unoriginal, soulless and repetitive as a soap opera and turn it into something magical, captivating and memorable.

The same thing is true of business and consultancy. It doesn’t have to be dry and distant: we want everyone to have fun and be totally captivated by the work they do and the products they produce.

Just keep an eye on your percolators if we come to visit.