Software from scratch

Making ideas reality

You might know the feeling: “I wish there was an app or website that did this!”

And you just know that you and your organisation are not the only people who would benefit from it.

If you have an idea like this, maybe Fish Percolator can help your dream come true. We have a proven record of delivering functional, viable products in a matter of weeks, complete with future-proofing and the technology to deliver it at scale.

Fixed-price iterative development

We believe that contracts that promise payment by the hour are inherently unfair: it would be like asking you for more money if we work more slowly!

Instead, prior to each phase of development we can discuss what requirements will go into that phase and then fix a price based on that feature list.

We believe in iterative development – several small deliveries of working software instead of one big delivery at the end of our working relationship. This has huge benefits to you – see our ethos page for more about this.


We’re happy to sit down and talk about new ideas. Consultation on an idea is always free and we’ll only bill you once the requirements for a given phase are decided.

Prices for a phase – which will always be working software – are typically less than £3000+VAT.

Get in touch for a free consultation and see if we can make your idea a reality!

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