DevOps & software architecture consultancy

A helping hand for your team

Fish Percolator is available for short-term software contracts. Maybe you have a big software project that needs some extra experienced hands for a few months. Maybe you need an experienced architect to get your project off the ground. Or maybe you have existing software that has many bugs or needs a major refactor before adding new features. Whatever your needs, we can fulfil them.

Our specialties:


  • Full-stack server-side software, whether hosted in the cloud or on premises.
  • Software design and architecture, especially infinitely scalable development.
  • DevOps including automated testing, continuous integration & continuous deployment.
  • Web or mobile application development.
  • Deep-dive bugfixing and refactoring without extensive on-the-job training.

“Rich worked in my team for around 6 months and proved himself to be an exceptional developer, with a keen eye for detail. He produced good, well tested code and in the course of his brief time here contributed patches to a number of open source projects, notably the project that merged in his various patches in short order. I would highly recommend Rich.”

Anthony Roy

Development Lead, William Hill