Subscription for music samples

Noiiz is a subscription-based service for musicians to preview and download samples from a variety of creators.

The design was an iterative collaboration with Samplephonics Ltd, and Fish Percolator developed the product from inception to launch. The MVP was live in about 5 weeks’ development time, and we’ve worked on it iteratively since then.

Technical features we implemented as part of the MVP include:

  1. Integration with Stripe subscriptions, for recurring billing.
  2. Waveform display and audio preview in the browser.
  3. Infinite scrolling through samples with filter and search functionality.
  4. A full admin interface with spreadsheet upload for adding new samples.
  5. Fully responsive design, suitable for desktop or mobile devices.
  6. Animations and effects for an exciting user experience.

We’ve added lots more features since then – check it out for yourself here.

Visit the website


Check out the web app


Before Rich asked me if I’d mind writing a testimonial for his website, I had already planned to email him thanking him for everything he’s done for our company so far, so everything you read here would have been said anyway and I can honestly say there is no exaggeration or embellishment.

Rich is unlike any other developer we have ever worked with, in that he has that rare combination of technical excellence, crystal clear communication and customer empathy. His commitment to test driven development means your software will be stable and scaleable and his agile approach to scoping out features forces you, as a product owner, to better define how you think your software should work.

Rich also cares, a lot! Despite his expertise this is the one characteristic that has made working with him a real pleasure. His passion  is not just for coding, but making a difference in the world and that has been evident throughout our working relationship.

We’re looking forward to working with Rich more in the future and kind of hope you don’t, so we can have him all to ourself!

David Rose

CEO, Samplephonics