Let’s get daily meetings down to minutes.


Jelly on a laptop


Much easier than messing with collaboration on a messy PowerPoint presentation.


Constrained meetings keep team members’ reports short and to the point.


Capture team members’ current workplace emotion quickly and without the need for explanation.


Jelly is easy to deploy in your workplace using Docker or Heroku.

Jelly Baby Tree Meetings

A Jelly Baby Tree meeting is a variant of the classic Scrum daily meeting with a few changes to keep it short and emphasise team collaboration.

Problems with Scrum

When using these kinds of meetings, we noticed a few problems:

  1. Telling people to stand is a terrible way to keep a meeting short. People who want to talk will still talk, and those who have difficulty standing for long periods are discriminated against by this instruction.
  2. Verbal-only meetings suffer from people waffling and straying from the point, going into the meeting without a plan for what they want to say, and language-barrier difficulties.
  3. Scrum meetings emphasise work instead of people. It’s difficult for other team members to know how to help each other, and the emotional state of their colleagues.

Meeting rules

Jelly Baby Tree meetings constrain each member’s contribution to the following pieces of information:

  1. A jelly baby from the tree. This can be used as an abstract representation of a workplace emotion. No justification is needed for the jelly baby’s selection, but individual jelly babies can come to mean things like angry, constructive, facing too many distractions, etc.
  2. The thing the team member is most excited about. This could be their latest project, or a concert that they need to leave work early for.
  3. The 3 things the team member is most proud of having achieved on the last working day. Since everyone achieves more than 3 things, this list is constrained to focus on the items the team member is most proud of.
  4. The 3 tasks the team member would most like to achieve today.
  5. A description of who can help this team member. By reframing the “what is blocking?” question as “who can help?” we found this encourages the team to collaborate and ask for help.

Jelly: the app

Jelly is an app that gives team members a place to enter their reports quickly before the meeting and assembles them into a beautiful Reveal.js presentation for use as a visual aid during the meeting.


  • Easy to deploy inside your organization using Heroku or Docker.
  • No-nonsense interface without bells or whistles.
  • Integration with Reveal.js for beautiful presentations.
  • Calendar view so you can easily find old reports.
  • Free and open-source (MIT license) – enhance it however you like!

Get started

Follow the link to the README on Github, which has more details and complete installation instructions.

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